1. Snap-lock sandwich bags are handy for all those bolts, screws and loose small items you have when dissembling furniture ready for moving, like bed frame bolts and screws. 
  2. It important to remove all light globes from floor lamps and other lamps alike.
  3. Use clean Butchers paper for packing. Not newspaper, as newspaper leaves dirty marks.
  4. It is always a good idea to use a colour coded system for each different room. This allows the removalists to quickly and easily identify which room each item/box goes in. Using something like stickers or coloured paper stuck on the top of the box.
  5. Packing an essentials or 1st night box is always a good idea. This allows you to have all your essentials for your first night in your new property without having to go through boxes and boxes to find the kettle. Good things to put in this box is; Cutlery, tea cups and plates. It would also be useful to put a change of clothes, toiletries, toilet paper, bed sheets and bath towels in this box.
  6. Use the smaller boxes for heavier items
  7. Put light bulky items in the larger boxes
  8. Where possible avoid booking your removalist the same day as your property settlement is to go through. Property settlements often get delayed and this adds extra stress to moving day, that can often be avoided by planning ahead.
  9. Be Prepared for your move by packing in advance and ensuring all the boxes are taped close and not over filled.
  10. Be sure to label all the boxes clearly with the room and a good description of what is inside.
  11. Be honest about the amount of belongs you have and try to give the best list you can outlining the furniture, items and how large or small your property is. This is REALLY important it allows our team to allocate enough time and the correct sized truck to complete your move.
  12. Also think about parking for the truck and which entry point would make it the easiest for our team.
  13. Be organised and notify your building managers of your up and coming move.
  • Ensure protective mats are placed in the lift by building management
  • Book the lift and loading dock if required
  • Let your neighbours know you are moving out and moving in, especially if the removal truck will be blocking any access point to their property
  • Try to hold a parking spot for the truck the evening prior to your move to ensure the team has the safest space to park the truck and work from.
  • Transfer your electricity over to your new property a week in advance to ensure you aren't without power when you move in.
  • Redirect your mail to your new address for 3-6 months to ensure you haven’t missed notifying any providers.
  • Notify & provide the below providers your new address
    • Medicare
    • My Gov
    • Service NSW